Binary quasars in CASTLES seen through SDSS

Note that it is based on the public data of SDSS DR4. But the following objects are included in entire fields of SDSS. If you need more information, use NVO datascope. The link to NVO datascope uses a search radius of 10 arcsec.

(Number) (Num. of CASTLES) (Name) (Datascope link)

(1) 7 B0827+525 [L]
(2) 8 Q1120+0195 [L]
(3) 10 HS1216+5032 [L]
(4) 11 Q1343+2650 [L]
(5) 12 LBQS1429-008 [L]
(6) 13 Q1634+267 [L]
(7) 14 J1643+3156 [L]
(8) 18 Q2345+007 [L]


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